Wayne County is committed to helping its businesses be informed and have access to the necessary resources to be growing vibrant businesses. The following resources are provided to help Wayne County employers find top talent and improve their business practices. They serve as a great starting point for researching the robust make-up of Wayne County, Ohio's economy, marketplace and infrastructure.

Economic Development

Stay connected with the latest Wayne County business and economics news! View Wayne Economic Development Council (WEDC) Website.

Educational Opportunities

Participation in career prep courses, adult-education programs, work-based learning programs, apprenticeships and internships is a great way to find up-and-coming talent. By connecting with local educational providers, you can start building tomorrow’s workforce today! 
Educational opportunities are available through the following local educational systems: 

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Ohio Means Jobs - Employer Resources

Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Employees 

Are you trying to turn your company into a place where employees will want to work? Are you struggling to retain top talent? Here’s how you can attract, engage, and retain Wayne County’s top employees.

Spherion Emerging Workforce Study

Link to Emerging Workforce Study

Labor Study

Advanced Labor Demand Analysis (Comparison Report) - Wayne County - MFG

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Workforce Development

Do you have specific hiring needs? Want some help providing training to your employees? Or do you just want to learn a bit more about our local workforce? No matter what your question is, feel free to contact us at 330.264.2411.

Opportunities in Wayne County