Live in Wayne

Wayne County offers an enviable “agurban” environment that combines the best of country living alongside the amenities offered by our three nearby metropolitan areas. Wayne County balances the needs of commerce with those of our significant recreational and agricultural spaces through a forward-looking comprehensive plan. It's a proven formula for prosperity, superior livability, and economic growth, and one that has helped Wayne County become a nationally-recognized micropolitan area. 

In Wayne County, you’ll find a place where you achieve both business success and personal fulfillment. Whether you think of "quality of life" as leisure activities and recreation, cultural enrichment, entertainment, or simply knowing your family is safe in a community-oriented city, you can experience it in Wayne County. Life is good by any measure in Wayne County, and our engaged community leaders work at all levels to ensure it stays that way.

Need some more convincing? Check out this report, which offers a concise breakdown of Wayne County’s income, housing, and population statistics.

Opportunities in Wayne County