Live in Wayne

Live in Wayne

Wayne County offers an enviable “agurban” environment that combines the best of country living alongside the amenities offered by our three nearby metropolitan areas. Wayne County balances the needs of commerce with those of our significant recreational and agricultural spaces through a forward-looking comprehensive plan. It's a proven formula for prosperity, superior livability, and economic growth, and one that has helped Wayne County become a nationally-recognized micropolitan area. 


From turn-of-the-century homes to modern suburban communities and rural subdivisions, Wayne County offers a home to suit every need. As we have grown, we have taken care to ensure that our development provides today’s modern conveniences while protecting the integrity of our agricultural and rural heritage.

Cost of Living

Wayne County’s rural roots have allowed the area to maintain a low cost of living, while still providing many of the amenities and conveniences of the big city.  Simply put you’re dollar goes further here.  In comparison to many U.S. metropolitan areas including Austin, Chicago, Denver and Seattle, Wayne County residents purchasing power is 15% to 30% greater.


As Wayne County continues to grow, meeting the healthcare needs of residents and businesses will continue to be a critical priority. Wayne County enjoys access to high-quality, affordable healthcare options, and our healthcare professionals understand the need to keep pace with the county’s growth.

Safety & Protective Services

Wayne County’s municipalites pride themselves on making our communities a safe place to live so you can have peace of mind. Be it a county, city or village organization each entity provides you community services that adds to your well being and quality of life.

Please familiarize yourself with some of our local organizations providing you safety services. 



Child Care

Need someone to watch the kids while you’re at work? There is a wide range of high-quality child care options in Wayne County, Ohio. Ranging from individuals providing baby-sitting services to multi-personnel facilities, Wayne County has the right child care option to suit your needs. 







Wayne County's climate offers the chance to experience the best of all four seasons. Summer is warm and sunny with average high temperatures ranging from 78 to 82 degrees. Autumn months are cool and dry, with spectacular foliage visible throughout the county.

Opportunities in Wayne County