Learn in Wayne

Learn in Wayne

Are you a job seeker looking for industry-specific credentials or a business professional seeking continuing education credits?  Is your business in need of a customized or standardized workforce training solution?  Are you seeking research for a special project?  Or are you simply wanting the best educational opportunities for you and your family?  No matter what your educational needs, you can find your solution here!

K-12 Schools

Wayne County’s 12 Primary and Secondary school systems are highly regarded and offer an array of educational settings to meet your educational preferences. Large school districts, small school districts, and public and private schools are all a part of Wayne County’s educational landscape.

Career Center & Tech Schools

Wayne County, Ohio plays host to a wide variety of trade schools and technical education opportunities. Below is a list of schools thare are located in Wayne County and provide essential skills and development for employment.



College & Research Institutions

There are no shortage of educational opportunities in Wayne County.  The College of Wooster, University of Akron and The Ohio State University all have campuses in our community providing degree programs in a wide variety of fields of study.  In additional, the national largest research insititution dedicated to the agbiosciences in the Ohio Agriculatural Research and Development Center  is located within our borders.

Opportunities in Wayne County