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In Wayne County, Ohio, life is better.  Conveniently located near Cleveland and other urban centers, Wayne County is home to a diverse and vibrant international business community that provides fulfilling and rewarding career opportunities.  Our employers and community are continuing to expand thanks to our great schools, world-class health care systems, and low cost of living.

Quality of LIfe

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Residents of Wayne County enjoy an outstanding quality of life. Whether you prefer big city sophistication or small town simplicity, Wayne County has it all. And others are starting to notice!

Closer Than You Think

With an average commute time of under 20 minutes, you’ll spend less time driving and more time enjoying your life. Better yet, you’re just a short drive away from major sporting, cultural, and entertainment venues in nearby Cleveland, Akron/Canton and Columbus, Ohio.  

Culture of Excellence

Wayne County’s businesses and people are engaging, industrious, passionate, and competitive about virtually everything in the community. From our award winning downtowns, high-ranking schools, county 4-H programs, and business development to our philanthropy, community services, and cultural offerings, few places in America care about doing things right as much as Wayne County does.

Cost of Living

With an overall cost of living that is 10 percent below the national average and housing costs that are 30 percent below the national average, your money goes a long way in Wayne County! We also have the lowest Sales Tax in the state of Ohio (source: Ohio Department of Taxation)


We Make Things!

Wayne County is a great place to start or expand your career in manufacturing. Whether you prefer a small family business or a Fortune 500 company, Wayne County’s diverse manufacturers provide the opportunity to grow, learn, and advance in a fulfilling "Made In The USA" career.

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