Career Center & Tech Schools

Wayne County, Ohio plays host to a wide variety of trade schools and technical education opportunities. Below is a list of schools thare are located in Wayne County and provide essential skills and development for employment.

Wayne County Schools Career Center

The Wayne County Schools Career Center is an award-winning career and adult education center that also serves as a recruitment channel for local businesses.

The WCSCC high school program uses an innovative educational model that focuses on relationships, relevance, and rigor to develop lifelong learners who are prepared with the skills needed for successful entry into higher education and the workforce. The center’s 25 programs provide students with the opportunity to earn valuable certifications, licensures, college credits, and work experience.

WCSCC works closely with local employers, advisory committees, and area chambers of commerce to develop programs that ensure our students are gaining the skills needed for lasting employment. WCSCC students gain work experience in their field through job placement, internships, job shadowing, field stations, and clinical experiences.

The WCSCC also provides several Adult & Community Education programs focused on new skill development.

The Ohio State University | Agricultural Technical Institute

The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute (Ohio State ATI) is the associate-degree-granting unit of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and is a nationally-ranked producer of two-year degrees in agriculture and related sciences. In addition to the 50-acre central campus, Ohio State ATI comprises the Grace Drake Agricultural Laboratory in Apple Creek and Hawk’s Nest Golf Course in Creston. Ohio State ATI also has a highly-respected workforce development unit, Business Training and Educational Services (BTES) (, which provides customized training that can lead to improved quality, increased productivity, decreased waste, increased sales, improved communications, and reduced downtime for Northeast Ohio businesses and institutions. BTES also offers a CPA Greenbelt Certification program.

University of Akron | Wayne College

Located in Orrville, Wayne College is the only regional branch of The University of Akron. Wayne College has extensive general education offerings, including associate's degrees, baccalaureate preparation, continuing education programs, and technical education programs for residents of Wayne County and other local areas.


Opportunities in Wayne County